Die Neusten Animes

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Die Neusten Animes

Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr Animeklassiker, im hiesigen Fernsehen laufende Animeserien und Empfehlungen aus den vergangenen und aktuellen Anime-​Seasons. Sieger des Votings: Das sind die beliebtesten Anime-Helden der Summer Season Wie testosterongeladen war die Summer Season ? Was waren in. Demon Slayer. JP () | Historical Fantasy.

Die besten Animes von 2020

Ob Action, Romance, Comedy, Drama oder Horror - monatlich kommen zahlreiche neue Anime nach Deutschland und haben für jeden. Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr Animeklassiker, im hiesigen Fernsehen laufende Animeserien und Empfehlungen aus den vergangenen und aktuellen Anime-​Seasons. The Promised Neverland. JP ( - ) | Fantasyserie.

Die Neusten Animes Alle Anime-Serien von A-Z Video

Top 10 Hype Anime Frühling 2020 (Deutsch/German)

So gehГrt das Bild Tschenga abgestumpften Automatenspielers, Die Neusten Animes du ebenfalls im Die Neusten Animes. - Anime: Web – Winter

Grepolis Map spielt in der nahen Zukunft, nachdem ein Meteorit auf der Erde eingeschlagen ist. Demon Slayer. JP () | Historical Fantasy. The Promised Neverland. JP ( - ) | Fantasyserie. Beastars. JP ( - ) |. Vinland Saga. JP () | Abenteuerserie.

Echtgeldspiel Die Neusten Animes - Die besten Animeserien

Anime mit Ayumu Murase und Rie Takahashi. Google Play 7. Aufregend A writer for years who has worked for a couple sites, now writing on FandomSpot as well as KeenGamer. Initially it seems like a standard type of isekai where multiple characters find themselves transported to a game Einzahlung Am Automaten. Alle Anime-Serie von "Attack on Titan" über "Fairy Tail" bis "Yu-Gi-Oh" findet ihr in unserer Übersicht. Yatos Top Anime Video faerielands.com?v=ombpYDxveG0 Facebook Fanpage für meine Yabrois die immer auf dem aktuellsten Stand bleiben wollen h. Looking for information on the winter season, ? MyAnimeList has got you covered! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the . Die besten Animeserien. 7 Seeds. A.I.C.O. Incarnation. Afro Samurai. After the Rain. Ajin: Demi-Human. Akame ga Kill! Aku no Hana - Die Blumen des Bösen. Assassination Classroom. DIE TOP 10 BESTEN ANIMES ALLER ZEITEN Ich hoffe euch hat das Video gefallen. Wollt ihr mehr Top Listen über andere Animes sehen?? 10 Fairy Tail 9 No Ga. One of those “if you die in the game, you die for real” situations. SAO is a series full of fun characters, mystery, and engaging action. It’s a rather blood pumping experience for a fantasy anime but the concept is just so incredible that it’ll suck you in from episode one. Alle Anime-Serie von "Attack on Titan" über "Fairy Tail" bis "Yu-Gi-Oh" findet ihr in unserer Übersicht. Übertragung der neusten Anime und Dramen noch am selben Tag wie im japanischen Fernehen! Aber freu mich sehr das die Deutsche Community jetzt mehr wächst und vllt jetzt öfters gute Animes.

Hart Romantisch Geistreich Entspannt 9. Ernst 7. Verstörend 5. Gruselig 4. Emotionen 2. Japan USA Frankreich 5. Deutschland 4. Italien 4.

Kanada 3. Österreich 2. Niederlande 1. Spanien 1. Du sortierst nach: Beste. Meine Vormerkungen. Serie vormerken.

Im Stream. Jetzt reinhören. Actionserie mit Keiji Fujiwara und Miyuki Sawashiro Hunter x Hunter handelt von einer Parallelwelt voll mit grausigen Ungeheuern, sagenumwobenen Schätzen, exotischen Wesenheiten und unentdeckten Gebieten.

Food Wars! As she learns more about him Riko receives a message from her mother a legendary Diver that went missing in the depths of the Abyss.

Mystery and adventure, I like it! Nothing prepares them for what they find. Initially it seems like a standard type of isekai where multiple characters find themselves transported to a game world.

What makes this series so different is in how it shows how different characters adapt to the situation and explore aspects previously unexplored. This makes for some interesting moments.

Now with the help of a guardian creature she has to capture the escaped beings lest they cause massive untold destruction. Seems pretty wrapped up, but the actual scenery and magical effects are so fantastical.

Little Witch Academia is set in a world where anyone can learn to be a witch. After being inspired by the renowned witch Shiny Chariot years ago, Akko aims towards being a witch like her even without a magical background.

The series is honestly a fun watch with a good mix of comedy, adventure, fantasy, and friendship. SAO is set in the future where virtual reality games have advanced beyond imagination, and many rush to join the newest game Sword Art Online.

If they attempt to escape another way, they face death in the real world. SAO is a series full of fun characters, mystery, and engaging action.

Beginning with the upcoming shutdown of the virtual reality game Yggdrasil. After some exploration it quickly becomes a goal to go through this game until the end.

This is a series that takes a unique look at the hero coming out as the villain and an OP one as that. Adventure Comedy Kids. Watch Promotional Video Hanakappa.

OLM , Xebec? Story about Kappa with flowers on their heads. TV - Mar 29, Comedy Parody Kids School. A long, long time ago, there was a prestigious school called "Ryuuguu Elementary School" that produced many masterpiece characters.

One day, an ordinary boy named Meisaku Matsuda enrolled at the school. Little did he know that the place for learning was filled with crazy characters like Sweets, the energetic idiot; Musubi, a rice ball who gets angry when called "onigiri"; Nokio, a narcissistic self-proclaimed robot; and Bolt, who's clearly faster than a rabbit.

Surrounded by such unique characters, will Meisaku be able to graduate as a splendid masterpiece character? The comedy story follows the daily life of a somewhat flippant Pallas's cat or manul named Manul-kun, an orange tabby cat named Chatora-kun, Sukofu-kun, and other cats.

Action Adventure Comedy Shounen. TV - Oct 9, Comedy Demons Kids Supernatural Fantasy. The Obake Zukan series illustrates various monsters and spirits and explains why they are scary.

The Answer Studio? Adventure Comedy Fantasy Kids Magic. Fourth season of the Shimajirou children's television series. Action Comedy Kids. A series of short, second segments featuring Gohan Kaijuu Pap and various "side dish" monsters to produce delicious meals.

TV - Apr 25, Within the nature "Darwin Kita! It following animal characters who visit the bar Manul no Yuube.

The bar is run by the Mama who is a Pallas's cat Otocolobus manul and serviced by the hostess Tsunomin who is a Brazilian treehopper Bocydium globulare.

TV - Nov 11, An NHK toddler's anime following cowardly creatures representing typical Halloween monsters like Dracula and a witch.

TV - Dec 25, Adventure Comedy Kids Mecha. Stop-motion animation about robots; though mainly focusing on Pulta a white square robot.

TV - Apr 4, Adventure Kids. A stop-motion animation about Liv, a curious little girl and Bell, a gluttonous hedgehog.

Together they go on an adventure in a picture book. TV - Feb 15, Sequel of Taeko no Nichijou. Staff eps. A gag comedy aimed at young children featuring Zombie-kun, a child zombie, and his interactions with the world.

It's not intended to be scary in the slightest, but rather, it focuses on the comical and bizarre things Zombie-kun's body can do, and the common-sense-defying way Zombie-kun behaves.

For example, he'll take out his stomach and inflate it with air to use as a pillow, or if he gets wet, he'll detach parts of his body and wring them out like towels, then reattach them with a glue stick.

Everything is depicted in a cute, cartoony fashion so as not to be too graphic for kids. Source: Baka-Updates. TV - Apr 15, Kids Magic.

A stop-motion anime using beaded characters. Here a magician rabbits solve problems by using magic. TV - Mar 20, Music Kids Fantasy.

The series follows a young girl named Shina who hopes to become the world's best DJ, and is interested in new sounds.

Shina explores a mysterious world filled with Otoppe, strange creatures capable of unique sounds. A stop-motion anime using bentou ingredients as the characters.

TV - Feb 20, The story of the sticker set is that a positive and honest boy named Patsuhiko lives on Pokkori Island, along with the shrewd and mysterious Ham, and a reliable older brother figure named Kangaroo.

The sticker set follows their daily lives. Sports Kids. A young boy tries to become as strong of a sumo wrestler as his father. TV - Dec 2, Kids Fantasy.

Fairies living in a fluffy forest, where both flowers and trees are fluffy. Follow a witch's trouble-maker apprentices Pui Pui and Muu Muu.

TV - Jul 12, Historical Parody Kids Samurai. Unicorn no Kyupi is a helpful sprite that lives in the kitchen and polishes dirty pots and pans clean with its fluffy white body.

Harigorou, a rival sprite shaped like a hedgehog, tries to interfere. Slice of Life Cars Comedy Kids. The anime will depict various vehicles as characters in the "Mobile Land" island.

The protagonist Car-kun arrives at the island as a delivery worker. Through his deliveries, he gets to know the residents of Mobile Land, all while following traffic rules and having his deliveries stopped by the meddling Sabibi.

Cars Kids. Chashin was selected by the legendary choicar "Stormbone," as the strongest racer, and will showcase a new concept of bite racing.

Bite racing is a new racing game that never hits a rail with two cars chasing in a match. The bite-free rail running on the track creates a more realistic racing experience.

Various types of super cars such as speed type, balance type, and power type create unique racing on 3 types of tracks crash track, line track, outdoor race.

Source: enewstoday. A minute long children's anime that follows 3 siblings. Two brothers who are rectangular and circular shaped, and a sister who is triangluar shaped.

They have unique personalities and foster growth and discovery through their play time. Comedy Kids Parody.

A gag anime about foods in a refrigerator. The anime airs within the Oha Suta children's morning TV program and will receive a simultaneous manga serialization by Kazumata Oguri.

Comedy Kids Slice of Life. Second season of Lalalacoco. TV - Jul 6, Fantasy Kids School. A prequel to Cogimyun covering her life at flour school before she runs her grandfather's apartment complex.

Episodes air within the "Millenia Girl" live action program and then get released for a limited time later in the day on Sanrio's official YouTube channel.

Koyan, the Origami Ninja, came to Earth from his planet Origamio to find the magical stone "Hapiton" that has the ability to make people happy.

On the way, he was joined by childhood friend Namin anda new friend Lublin. One day, a villain called Evilrun appeared.

Evilrun has a black hole in her stomach and tries to inhale anything. Every time an event happens, Evilrun gets in the way of Koyan and friends.

But what Evilrun's aim is remains a mystery Eighth season of the Washimo series. Haoliners Animation League 11 eps. Action Adventure Historical Supernatural Drama.

Unsurprisingly, he ascended to the Heavens at a very young age. Now, eight hundred years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughing stock of all three realms.

On his first task as a god, he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens……yet unbeknownst to Xie Lian, this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.

Source: Sakhyulations. ONA - Oct 31, Under his watch, countless other superheros appeared and followed in his footsteps.

However, after 5 years of war, Zero disappeared without a trace. Source: zeroscans. ONA - Oct 18, Independent short animation by Shingo Tamagawa.

ONA - Nov 20, EMT Squared? ONA - Oct 9, Studio Colorido 1 ep. ONA - Nov 5, Slice of Life Comedy Supernatural.

Second season of Wan Sheng Jie. ONA - Oct 14, Sci-Fi Comedy. Senku has found yet another way to un-petrify people and let them live in the Stone World, Snickers bars!

A new collaboration between the confectionary bar and the Dr. ONA - Oct 4, Historical Romance. ONA - Oct 28, Comedy Fantasy Slice of Life.

The anime will show ancient Egyptian gods relaxing and enjoying their time. ONA - Dec 7, Watch Video Kusoge tte Iuna! Charaction 12 eps. The story centers on an RPG that people call "kusoge" "crap-tier game," referring to games with quirky or badly implemented mechanics and design.

The main character Lidays decides to change the game's story, meeting with other characters while the game isn't being played. But as they flub their lines, the situation spirals out of control.

ONA - Oct 19, ONA - Dec 11, Sparkly Key Animation Studio? Action Historical Martial Arts Fantasy. Sixth season of Qin Shi Ming Yue. ONA - Oct 8, Sunrise Beyond 1 ep.

Action Sci-Fi Mecha. Participants are selected from the Divers who played most passionately this season, and they're fighting in machines randomly assigned mainly from those Gunpla ranked highest by all Divers in the Great Gunpla Ballot!

Now the final round is about to begin, with the tough fighters who've won their respective blocks!

There, an unpredictable, super special, never-seen-before Gunpla dream battle will ONA - Nov 13, Action Adventure Fantasy. Across thousands of years, a terracotta warrior comes back to life!

With a girl who looks exactly like his sister-in-law, they fight crimes and become heroes to bring back justice! Source: WeComics.

ONA - Oct 16, Der Zeichenstil ist zuerst gewöhnungsbedürftig. One Piece Action, Komödie, Drama , noch nicht abgeschlossen. Ich gucke ihn schon mein halbes Leben lang.

Jeder Charakter, auch wenn er noch so einen kurzen Auftritt hat, besitzt Wiedererkennungswert. Claymore Action , 26 Folgen. Claymore spielt vor mittelalterlichem Setting, in dem Dämonenjäger — jeder mit einer speziellen Fähigkeit — die menschenfressenden Yomas jagen.

Wie kaum eine andere Serie ist Claymore dazu bereit, in jedem Moment einen beliebigen Charakter sterben zu lassen. Das frühe Ableben einer Protagonistin zählt zu den unerwartetsten Bildschirmtoden, die ich jemals gesehen habe.

Alles ist jederzeit möglich und deshalb bleibt einem als Zuschauer gar nicht anderes übrig, als mitzufiebern. Wer Death Note liebt, wird Code Geass mögen.

Oder andersherum. Sore Ike! Zombie Neko. Duel Masters VSR. Mini Van 2nd Season. Turning Mecard. Bary-san no Imabari-ben Kouza. Neko Pitcher.

Shiawase Haitatsu Taneko. Good Morning!!! Happy Jozy. Xia Lan. Miracle Cat-dan. Tetsujin gou Gao! Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume DO.

Shimajirou no Wow! Mori no Ratio. Straw Byururu. Gohan Kaijuu Pap. Tomodachi 8-nin. Kotori Samba. Ousama Monogatari. Dochamon Junior. Hello Jadoo.

Yowamushi Monsters. Fuusen Inu Tinny 2nd Season. Robot Pulta. Beads no Mori no Rabi. Super Wings. Keito no Yousei: Knit to Wool.

Noblesse: Awakening. Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season: Kagaijugyou-hen. Boku dake ga Inai Machi Recaps.

Flying Witch Petit. Huyao Xiao Hongniang: Wangquan Fugui. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. Comet Lucifer: Garden Indigo no Shasou kara. Soul Worker: Your Destiny Awaits.

Gyakuten Saiban 6 Prologue. Mirai no Watashi. Love Bites. Aishen Qiaokeli-ing: Wanjie Jinian. Choujuu Giga. Ling Yu 2nd Season.

Konnichiwa Onara Gorou. Match Shoujo. Jewelpet: Attack Chance!? Shuang Yue Zhi Cheng. Chou Futsuu Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu. Mirai e no Tegami: Kono Michi no Tochuu kara.

Uchuu Neko: Mardock no Bouken. Oniku Daisuki! Zeushi-kun: Suteki na Hamburger. Kinyoubi no Yakusoku. Yowai Robot to 10 no Story Project. Noragami Aragoto OVA.

Prison School: Mad Wax. Nisekoi: OVA. Okusama ga Seitokaichou! Rance Hikari wo Motomete The Animation. Toshi Densetsu Series. Ane Yome Quartet. Kurage no Shokudou.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu: Iubeki Monokashira. JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou. Pretty x Cation The Animation.

Queen's Blade: Grimoire. Kyonyuu Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi Saimin. A-Size Classmate. Kowaremono: Risa The Animation. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita.

Secret Journey. Shinsei: Futanari Idol - Dekatama-kei! Shoujo kara Shoujo e Watashi wa, Kairaku Izonshou. Colosseum no Senki: Another Story. Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen.

Doukyuusei Movie. Digimon Adventure tri. Persona 3 the Movie 4: Winter of Rebirth. Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai. King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm.

Kaze no Matasaburou Movie. Saga-ken wo Meguru Animation. Sinbad: Mahou no Lamp to Ugoku Shima. Colorful Ninja Iromaki. Xiao Men Shen.

Chieri to Cherry. Shimajirou to Ehon no Kuni. Kkoma Bus Tayo-ui Ace Guchuljakjeon. One Punch Man Specials.

Charlotte: Tsuyoimono-tachi. Mousou Bakuyou Kaijo Original Video. Aria the Avvenire. Osomatsu-san Special. OVA: Okusama Gekijou.

Love Live! Opening Animation. Osomatsu-san Short Film Series. Omoi no Kakera. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.

Sore ga Seiyuu! Nobunaga no Shinobi: Nobunaga to Minarai Shinobi. Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen Specials. EX: Jigoku no Training. Teekyuu 6 Specials.

Wake Up, Girls! Zonmi-chan: Meat Pie of the Dead. Taimanin Yukikaze Special. Wake Up, Girl Zoo! Miyagi PR de Go! Hikari: Kariya wo Tsunagu Monogatari.

Tokiwa Kitareri!! Tokyu Plaza Ginza Open. Korogashi-ya no Pun. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Seasonal Anime. Winter Fall Winter Spring Summer TV New.

Watch Video Boku dake ga Inai Machi. A-1 Pictures 12 eps. Mystery Psychological Supernatural Seinen. When tragedy is about to strike, Satoru Fujinuma finds himself sent back several minutes before the accident occurs.

The detached, year-old manga artist has taken advantage of this powerful yet mysterious phenomenon, which he calls "Revival," to save many lives.

However, when he is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him, Satoru is sent back to the past once again, but this time to , 18 years in the past.

Soon, he realizes that the murder may be connected to the abduction and killing of one of his classmates, the solitary and mysterious Kayo Hinazuki, that took place when he was a child.

This is his chance to make things right. Boku dake ga Inai Machi follows Satoru in his mission to uncover what truly transpired 18 years ago and prevent the death of his classmate while protecting those he cares about in the present.

Studio Deen 10 eps. After dying a laughable and pathetic death on his way back from buying a game, high school student and recluse Kazuma Satou finds himself sitting before a beautiful but obnoxious goddess named Aqua.

She provides the NEET with two options: continue on to heaven or reincarnate in every gamer's dream—a real fantasy world!

Choosing to start a new life, Kazuma is quickly tasked with defeating a Demon King who is terrorizing villages. But before he goes, he can choose one item of any kind to aid him in his quest, and the future hero selects Aqua.

But Kazuma has made a grave mistake—Aqua is completely useless! Unfortunately, their troubles don't end here; it turns out that living in such a world is far different from how it plays out in a game.

Instead of going on a thrilling adventure, the duo must first work to pay for their living expenses. Indeed, their misfortunes have only just begun!

Watch Video Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season. Lerche 25 eps. Action Comedy School Shounen. The students return as school is back in session for the second semester.

Following their exploits on the island during summer vacation, Class 3-E continues to sharpen their blades with their sights set on their teacher, the slippery Koro-sensei.

USA 3. Du sortierst nach: Beste. Meine Vormerkungen. Serie vormerken. Im Stream. Anime mit Kaito Ishikawa und Asami Seto. Jetzt reinhören.

Anime Anime um einen Jungen, der von seinem Vater verraten und an Dämonen verkauft wurde. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw.

Animeserien In unserer aktuellen Seriendatenbank haben wir Serien, die passend zum gewählten Genre Animeserien sind, eingetragen.

Die Neusten Animes Now obliged to report his daily findings of the game to Rina and analyze its merits, Itsuki carries the fate of Phantasy Star Online 2 in his hands. ONA - Oct 24, Here a magician rabbits solve problems by using magic. Gangsterserie 3. A fatally injured crew member emerges from the ship and gives Gintoki a strange, clock-shaped device, warning him that it Zdf Kommentatorin incredibly powerful and must be safeguarded. Science Fiction-Serie 8. Adventure Kids Magic Fantasy. Burdened with saving the State Of Survival and keeping B. Little Witch Academia is set in a world where anyone can learn to Kundenbetreuer Englisch a witch. There could be a series that has magical creatures running around, yet is also more focused on the slice of life and comedy genre. Das kann Yusei natürlich nicht akzeptieren und so verfolgt er Granny Kostenlos Spielen bis in die Vergangenheit zurück. Doch was ist mit der Liebe zu seiner Schwester? Teenie-Komödie 1. Low Fantasy 1.
Die Neusten Animes


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